the first 50 percent we created several excellent possibilities


This area competitors is 2012 Malaysia group of last one competitors, for past of 2012, Joachim such conclusion road: "we has many excellent of competitors, such as Western Cup of Qian 4 area, also has many unsuccessful of encounter, such as Western Cup semi-final against Tuscany and and Norway group of competitors, group also has many can improve of local, these build up of encounter for 2014 World Cup must will has help, I to now has Dang has 6 decades trainer, group of improvement certainly does not like began then fast, Younger group also faced difficulties. But our goal has not changed, Malaysia group is a group of great potential, still needs growing. Leader RAM said after the match: "it was a traditional fight, two groups in the encounter are very focused on managing the football ball, we are excellent in protection, especially in the awaken of a 4-4, can promise not to toss the football ball is a excellent improvement. Designed several possibilities at the front side of us, but overall, a sketch for both groups, was a reasonable outcome.


Today Malaysia group not the whole, the encounter is a completely different activity, protecting back zero is very essential. Defensive player Hummels said: "zero missing paintballs to give groups a feeling, especially in Norway after the encounter, we were not willing to fail, so for many audiences, the encounter may not be a very interesting activity, we managed the football ball a lot in the encounter, Defense after no big mistakes. Neuer with Malaysia Clothing Soccer said in an interview after the game: "in any groups in the encounter are not willing to fail, we would not like to reduce, but want to be able to get a excellent outcome away, 0-0 is an acceptable score, did not competition before the encounter will help in 2014 to go further. ”

Young Holtby said after the game: "the first 50 percent we created several excellent possibilities, did not toss the football ball is a very essential outcome. Team is a combination of an entirely new, created several possibilities, not too best of luck, excellent back, front side also can continue to improvement. Former Bayern gamers Scholl in the comments after the game: "this activity we back not reduce ownership of the football ball, very excellent control of the Holland group, only given competitors few possibilities, Neuer performed well in limited possibilities.

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