Your going to need to upgrade to oak plants


Cockatrice egg - Requires stage 25 slayer and decreased from stage 37 Cockatrice.Dagannoth Hide - While buying rs gold  Waterbirth Isle, these are drops from dagannoth leaders and dagannoths.hh the position to start for all outstanding woodcutters! You should have everything counted except for the equipment described above.

Start with operating to the Draynor woodlands which is eastern of Draynor village. You should discover MANY frequent plants around to cut. After finishing a complete stock it is up to you to select whether you want to financial institution them in Draynor or Lumbridge, or drop them (Drop them for quicker exp or financial institution for profit). It will take 12 stocks complete to accomplish stage 25 woodcutting.

Now your getting on you and studying how to really cut that timber. Your going to need to upgrade to oak plants. Hopefully you've also improved your axe to a mithril hatchet. There are a several in Draynor, a bit northern of the lender. There are also a few below the Huge Come back that hardly anyone ever grinds. Once again cut these records and financial institution them now (as the lender is nearer and it would be quicker than dropping). It will take 41 stocks to accomplish stage 41.

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