Those messages have been attracting the customers


and to sell their products, some sellers from USA used the led signs Chicago for the first time FF14 Gold  1980. They showed a little message in which they described what kind of product they offer, for example, if it was a restaurant, the owner on the restaurant would’ve used a led sign message to write that he’s selling fresh rib steak, for example.


Those messages have been attracting the customers in a big quantity in that days, and so is happening right now, because the led technology was developed to a higher level. Now the banks are using scrolling led signs, to show the folks the price for just about every type of currency, for example. Also, in airports they are using scrolling led sign for most in the flights.

The programmable led signs appeared after 1990, and this technology was better, because those who used programmable led signs spend less dollars, as they turned

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